Tactical V5, everything you need in a sports watch

Want to know why everyone’s talking about this new elite sports watch?

Elite athletes, as well as those of us who love practising any sport such as running, cycling, swimming, crossfit, or any other sport, like to have our daily sessions under control and know our performance while exercising or what we need to improve at all times.

That’s the reason why there are watches like the Tactical V5, that lets you monitor your vital signs at all times, storing them in its application to enable you to evaluate the results of your daily exercise.

What makes Smartwatch Tactical V5 unique?

Tactical V5 has different sensors that will let you control your vital signs, measuring parameters such as blood pressure, pulse per minute, distance travelled, sleep control, calories burned, and many more features available in its interface, so that you have control over your exercise at all times.

In addition, you’ll always have access to your phone’s notifications, as its 3D interface screen will keep you updated about incoming calls, WhatsApp notifications, social networks, and other applications.

A unique and customisable 3D interface

Tactical V5 has a new unique 3D interface that will let you configure it as you wish, choosing among the different designs available on its application, so you can pick the one that best suits your style.

You choose the sport, Tactical V5 controls it

As we have said, Tactical V5 is recommended for sports lovers. This means that you will have the option to choose the sport you practice from its application and thus control the activity of that sport at all times. For example, if you like cycling twice a week and jog on two other days, you can control the distances covered in both exercises separately. Doesn’t that sound great?

Know all its features

Here’s a short summary of all the features you’ll find in Tactical V5, a watch designed for elite sportsmen and women, now available for everyone. Feel the power to be in control of what you do.

  • Heart rate monitor. Control your heart rate at all times, so you can demand more from your body or control when you need to rest
  • Resistant to water and dust. An all-terrain watch, it has been designed for use in the most extreme conditions.
  • Full colour display. Excellent colour display and a 3D interface where you can see all the Tactical V5 features in high definition
  • Proximity accelerometer, which lets you monitor your heart rate and other vital signs more accurately.
  • Durability and resistance. Thanks to its 4th generation corning crystal you won’t have to fear any impact
  • Daily activity control. Record all your daily activities in your application and keep an exact daily control of your exercises
  • Sleep control. You will be able to evaluate your nights every day, see if you have slept well, or if you otherwise need to rest better.
  • Multiple exercise modes. Choose the sport you practice, from running to cycling, to differentiate your activities
  • Notifications. Get all your mobile notifications instantly – Incoming calls, WhatsApp messages, social networks, calendar alerts, and more.

Where can you get your Smartwatch Tactical V5?

This new watch -which let us not forget that is waterproof and features an ultra-resistant glass (4th generation Crystal Corning technology)- is not yet available in our country, but we had the chance to talk to the manufacturer, and we’ve been allowed to sell a limited amount of units as an exclusive promotional launch offer for our country.